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Boost Social Media Content Shares With These Easy 5 Ways

I’m happy to share some tips to help optimize the likelihood of your content making its way around the social media globe. 

But, before jumping into the juicy stuff, let’s talk about what happens in the background when an audience member shares a post across your social networks.


Your Audiences’ Motivation to Share Content on social media 


The science of what motivates people on social media has yet to be fully understood. However… researchers have observed several psychological triggers that inspire people to engage. Here are a few:



Social Gratification 

People love the feeling of being liked.


When people share something with their followers, they feel worthy enough and are encouraged to provide insightful thoughts and words for others to read. 


It is a powerful feeling to touch many lives via social media, especially in these years of isolation.




We are all social beings. Yet we prefer digital relationships instead of face-to-face interactions.


We rarely converse; instead, we rely on digital content to keep us in touch with others more effectively and frequently.


Having several “friends” on various social networking sites is not uncommon.


Now how deep those conversations are – that’s a different topic.


We are social beings of the Digital Age. Nurturing relationships with others through technology is easier than ever!



Support Ideas

You can use social media to support causes that matter most to you, whether politics or policies. You can become integral to something greater than yourself by offering support.




People use social media to kick back when all is said and done.


Entertaining content brings out a good laugh or a smile. The smile-extracting content could be a funny meme, an exciting reel, story, video, fantastic music, or anything else that might entertain even the most hardcore busy bees!

Seeing the users’ motivation is a good starting point for creating content that will create an association that inspires users to become more involved with your digital product or service. 


With the advent of social media, it’s no surprise that many businesses are turning to it to promote their content. 

But to get the most out of social media, you need to use the right tools. 

Social media sharing buttons are the best tools for promoting your content.

Check out the top 5 ways to get people to share your content. 



Getting your Content Shared On Social Media


1. Your audience is always the center of your content.


Before creating or sharing content, ask yourself if it’s something your audience will enjoy. Remember, your audience is always the focus of your content.


Act like a baker. I know WHAT, but stay with me.

When baking, always consider the people that will be eating it! 


The ingredients you will put into a cake or dessert are for others to enjoy, not just for you, so make sure your yummy creations ravish them. 


Before ever creating or sharing content, think about your audience: ask yourself if what you are making is something they might share with their friends or audience. Once you have some ideas, get the opinions of the people who matter most – your target market. The feedback will generate engagement with your audience and give you unique insight into what they want because they tell directly and clearly how they feel. 

Step further and research the topic before you ask your audience.



2. Premium Quality Content


Make sure that the content you want to share is the best it can be. 


High-quality content will always perform better with your audience. Just because it’s easy to ‘skim over’ points on a chart or image doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking the time to research and make sure they’re relevant. 


People prefer longer content in general, so try focusing on that approach rather than short posts where you have a picture and headline but nothing much inside!


3. Structure Your Content 


Your audience reads fast and often gets distracted, so make it as easy as possible for them to understand what they’re looking for. 


Highlight the essential takeaways in your content by using well-formatted lists and headers (use H1 and H2 tags where appropriate) that aren’t so long that they’ll turn off readers.


4. Enrich Your Audiences Lives


Content that is informative and helpful will keep readers consuming your content. 


If your writing can help someone solve a problem or offer advice on what’s best in a particular situation, it will show readers you understand them and their needs. 


People are always looking for content they can repeatedly and easily apply in practice. 


If you want subscribers to return repeatedly, offering this kind of content is the key to engaging them with your brand.


When focused on providing helpful information, people will distribute your content freely because they believe in what you say and know it works.


5. Spark Emotion 


“There are only two types of art: good and bad,” as Monet said, while marketers say: “There are only two types of marketing campaigns: viral and non-viral.”


You’re probably asking what makes content go viral.

Great content engages people with emotions like happiness, anger, or sorrow. 


Do you remember the #ItCanWait campaign from a few years ago?

It tells a story and illustrates to its users how important it is NEVER to text while driving. It’s eye-catching and relatable to everyone who uses their smartphone daily.






Or take the #LikeAGirl campaign started by Always. It explores society’s perception of women. 



By focusing on genuine storytelling and user engagement instead of only corporate messaging and marketing strategies, the Always brand extended its reach genuinely.


Others’ successes might tempt you, and make you wonder why your content isn’t shared more often, don’t let these thoughts distract you from creating personalized content for your audience.


Embrace social sharing as much as possible throughout your content, and do what works best specifically for your niche. 






Videos have quickly become the content of choice for many online entrepreneurs and content consumers. It’s quick and easily consumable. Yet keep in mind only some people watch videos. Some like to read or listen or do a bit of both. Multitasking is a b*j*itch.


Find your unique social media voice and stand out from the crowd.


Your audience, brand, and business should have a voice of its own, not borrowed.

Need a content nudge? 

Get in touch with me I’d be happy to chat with you.

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