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What type of Content do you need to repurpose?

Below choose the type of content you would like to have repurposed for you.

Repurpose podcasts

Creating content is time-consuming and challenging; you already spent so much time and energy researching and developing your podcasts. So NOW, let's continue getting the message out online with different content forms and various online channels.

Repurpose videos

Creating video content for your business can be time-consuming and costly. So why not use your videos best by repurposing that video content for social media and website.

Repurpose Blogs

Repurposing your content takes advantage of the fact that good content never truly dies. By reusing and reformatting your old posts, you are resetting their life span and bringing them back to life in a whole new context where they can be shared again and enjoyed by all types of readers. Psst, your SEO will reward you, and you'll get more traffic to your website, services...

Repurpose valuable content into a new revenue stream

There is gold in the content you create. Then, repurpose that content into a new revenue stream. Here's what I mean. Those Youtube videos, podcasts, live event could be a video/audio mini-series, an ebook, a workbook, checklist. Get the picture?
The new form of content can bring in a stream of income for you.

How to get started?

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