Identify, Analyze Content and Create a strong content strategy.


Repurposing existing content and putting a spin on it with fresh SEO captions.


Get the content published, found and engaged by your leads.

When investing in THE content marketing service you get:

The whole content game is taken off your plate

You'll have content created and published consistently

Your created content will be exactly intended for your audience

your content will meet your business goals

You'll know what content is achieving results and what to do more of

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The best part with my Content marketing service is: all the content is created for you

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Content Strategy

1st, I'll assess the quality of your content marketing against your top 3 competitors. Next, I'll research keywords related to topics in your niche. Finally, I'll create a strategy for increasing sales, improving brand recognition among others who are likely to be potential leads.

Content fan deep-dive

To start off the next phase of your content marketing strategy we need to know who your audience is, where they hang out, what their keywords are so we can exactly plan out what content to create or repurpose

content creation

The 3rd step is where I get my sleeves rolled up & get creative. At this point, I'll double down on your podcast, video, or blog, repurpose it to create more educational, engaging content, write up the captions and hashtags.

content distribution

Content is essential, but no one will ever see or read your great content if it's difficult to find! To give your business the exposure it deserves, I make sure every content I create is optimized to help users find and share it. By combining my content marketing services with email, social media tips and tricks, I take up as much online real estate as possible so that your business reaches the right people at the right time, with the right content.

content analytics

I offer you content that's designed to promote the growth of your business. I do this by monitoring your content interactions and measuring their effectiveness in assisting your brand reputation and income growth.

content Improvement

The final step is to take the content results and tracking data and use it to help improve content efforts. I'll keep analyzing what's working and what isn't, & make adjustments accordingly. Through continual content performance, both your brand visibility and the overall effectiveness of all marketing campaigns will keep keeping purposeful results.