It's The Perfect time to join our private community of small business owners & create goal oriented content consistently.

A new kind of community is taking over
the internet.
Inside the Consistent Content Revolution, small business owners and entrepreneurs come together in a safe place to learn, implement, ask burning questions, bounce off potential, creative content ideas and creations, and so much more.

This is OUR community, and we want YOU to be a part of it.

The entrepreneurial journey is challenging, but you don’t need to be on the journey alone.


The path to success for an entrepreneur is long, treacherous, and tough.


Let’s face it; we have like a zillion hats to wear in our business. It can be challenging to travel on this path alone, putting immense pressure on us as small business owners.


This approach may result in fear of failure and the feeling that you are nowhere near reaching your goals. 


Without anyone to encourage you onward or guide you in the right direction, you may feel as though you are continuously moving forward yet never actually moving!



Here at CCR, we are honoured to serve an international, global community of online business owners who are in the startup & rampup phases of their businesses but are struggling with presenting themselves; their business offers consistently.


All entrepreneurial journeys are very different, and they can all benefit from things like:

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latest education

Deeply engaging trainings

pro networking



Experience is a cumulative journey of pleasant and unpleasant situations.

Human beings are social creatures by nature. Therefore, any person’s past experiences, however traumatic or exhilarating, serve to make up who they are today.

We live in a society of people sharing their lives with other people. This type of environment is known as culture and is how we have all come to exist today.

At the centre of this continuity are two main aspects: safety and consistency, which we provide within our CCR community.

Primarily it's a safe place

The need to ask, create and share your content before putting it out into the online world results in development, acceptance, privacy, and compassion. And we are proud to offer you that in our CCR community because it’s the spirit and mindset of CCR.


We started our process by developing the whole community experience and building a culture based on our principles:

  • Be part of a safe place to practice, experiment, ask questions, draft content, and present in a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere. 


  • Publish content consistently and reap the rewards.


  • Create and realize how fantastic your offers are as people are rolling in to invest & buy.


  • Build a business you enjoy, and receive the financial return you expect after investing your time and energy.


  • Eliminate Imposter Syndrome – You’re sure to be dealing with some serious competition in your niche, and that’s a good thing. By implementing your brand in your specific and action-taking content, you will stand out. And the best way to do this? It’s simple: plan it, create it and share it in the community. 


  • Eliminate Video jitters – A relaxed discussion atmosphere where you can practice your communication, showing up, recording skills, make new friends, and discuss whatever you are struggling with. Remember content should be real just like YOU.


  • Respect and consideration – Privacy comes first to all aspects of our community content.


  • You will be one of the first to have exclusive access & discounts to offers and content that may come your way from CCR!


  • Our community welcomes members from diverse backgrounds and is mindful of their perspectives to further a positive environment for communication, learning, and imagination.

Within The CCR

Out-of-the-box solutions aren’t always suitable or easy for everyone. Working with a community requires more consideration and flexibility than other options, as is evidenced by the following core three pillars of our community:

1. Private Community

  • Learning channels for discussions around skill development topics such as content planning, strategy, creation and distribution.


  • Show and Tell opportunities where you can get exposure, ask for feedback on your creations, or strategy.


  • Private channels specifically for focused discussions among member groups to facilitate feedback, requests or troubleshooting.


  • Safe place to share your wins no matter how big or small.

2. Exclusive Content (Workshops)

  • CCR members have access to our growing list of recorded workshops, valued at $99 each.


  • You’ll also gain VIP access to watch future live recordings. But as a member of CCR you gain special discounts

3. Support & Access to Franciska's content expertise

  • weekly live Module Q&As – organized by module so everyone is on the same path and can learn from each others experiences. 


  • Jot it down and Get it Answered – is where you can ask your question, and I’ll reply by video as they are asked.


  • Networking Community Hangouts organized by niche or topic

Driven Members Wanted

It's a match if you:

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  • DON’T BELIEVE in cookie-cutter content. In other words, you know your audience would not trust you as a business owner who bought their content instead of creating her own. 


  • Have several or just one social media channel, have a blog, podcast, or are streaming videos. 


  • If you don’t anything content channel, no worries here in CCR you will be creating not only strong foundations but a habit and strong mindset around creating content and getting it out there. 


  • ARE READY : 
    • to create content that will stir up your audiences’ reactions, such as: “I need this!” “This post, blog, video, or podcast is just what I needed!” “Where do I sign up?” … you get the drift.
    • want to grow your community with solid value, entertaining content. Grow and audience that will happily follow your work.
    • want to create content that not only transforms the lives of your audiences’ but also helps you achieve your business goals along the way. 
    • want to implement a content strategy and plan that will give you the control over your work week while creating trust and credibility in the online world. even

It's NOT a match if you:

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  • Believe content is not crucial for your business. 


  • Are not eager to learn the discipline & steps to create and publish content consistently.


  • Still believe that w ii nn gging your content is your style and you’ll just wait and see what the Universe serves you. 


  • You don’t want to grow your email list or need any more business, cause you are just blissfully happy having a few clients on your docket and you’re not even thinking about the consequence if one of them was to leave tomorrow – nah they’d never leave cause You’ve created a little insecure JOB for yourself.

Feels Like a Match?

Awesome! Here’s what you need to do to join:

#1 Complete our application (the yellow button below). It consists of a few questions; please answer them and send them through to us, and we’ll review them in the order in which they are received.


#2 Be patient as we process the received applications. 


#3 Accept your Invitation – If we choose your application, you’ll receive an invite to join CCR via email. The email will include a unique link to sign up for the community.

Ready to join us?

Important FAQs

Well, that’s a lot of information! We appreciate your perseverance and will be in touch with more vital information to help you make the right decision. Meanwhile, here are some essential points to know while deciding on when to apply:


Is there a cost to joining CCR?
Yes, at the moment, the price is at an introductory $33 a month, a one-time fee of $99.


Am I required to join when my application is approved?
No, not at all. You got in and are approved to become a member, but the final decision is always yours. You get to decide whether you’re joining the content creation community or going to figure it out on your own.


I haven’t heard back even though I applied?
No worries, either check your spam or tab inboxes or reach out to us via email [email protected] and we’ll let you know what’s happening.


What platform/system is used for the CCR community?


Got a refund policy?
Of course. Our main goal is for you to flourish in our community, so if you are not happy with the community within the first 21 days, we want to know why so we’ll email you a short questionnaire and refund you the payment in full.


Still have questions? Contact us here. NOTE TO FRANE ADD A FORM WITH THESE QUESTIONS


We can't wait to support as you rock the online world with your unique content.