Optimize Podcasts Videos
Repurpose Podcasts Videos into social media content

Amplifying your long form content empowers you to

Scale Your business Increase  Revenue Be a Thought leader  Change lives

The world has changed!

Creating long form content is smart.

Short form content captures attention.

People are scrolling quickly, and consuming loads of content and need to make a decision to learn more about your service/product quickly.

Repurpose Your content.

I help busy business owners like yourself reach their businesses goals and make more money by shedding the light on your podcast and video golden nuggets and I do that by creating attention-grabbing content to publish on various social media channels.

So if you are …

  1. OVERWHELMED with ALL your tasks and just don’t have the time or team to help you create more content – I can help.

  2. NOT TECHIE and can’t be bothered to learn new software to repurpose your podcast or video episodes – I’d love to help.

  3. LOSING YOUR CONFIDENCE due to all the platform changes – I’m in the loop.

stand out from the avalanche of content

and the way to do it is to Turn Your long form content
Into bite sized or as I like to call it Snackable social media content.

I have an easy, tangible solution for you...

Say It With Less

“Say It With Less”

A Done for You Repurposing service

that takes your Video podcast episodes, lengthy videos, Live Streams, Talks and turns them into  scroll-stopping Reel, Shorts, TikToks and so much more. 

Here's The 5 step service break down:

  1. Schedule a 15 min call with me. 
  2. Upon scheduling you’ll answer a few questions. 
  3. You’ll  decide if you want to move forward with my services and you’ll answer a few branded questions & sign a contract
  4. You’ll upload your podcast, video episodes into a designated Dropbox or Google Drive folder (your choice) 
  5. I go off and start repurposing as per our conversation.
Crush Your Content Struggles

That's it!

Simple, efficient, fast content at your audiences' fingertips.

What Makes this service "Podcast, Video Repurposing - Looks Good on You" different from all the other repurposing services out there?


My expertise is finding, extracting, and editing your "Golden Takeaways" from your podcast, video episodes. Those audience "Aha" moments that even you won't find in your podcast episodes or videos. PLUS the editing and design work is always TOP Notch.

Repurpose Podcast, Videos

No micromanaging

needed. No time wasting reviewing completed work. Teaching me how to do things. Understand a non-native English speaker. Worrying I'll disappear or drop in productivity. You can count on me. Simply, I help You thrive; in return, my business thrives.

Effective, goal-oriented, consistent online presence.

If you're not on social media, you don't exist. Amplify your existing content. Meanwhile, use your time and energy savings toward scaling your business, changing lives, creating new offers, and being with your family.

Don't make your audience work hard to get what they need or they just might leave.

What Some of My clients think...

Are you ready to amplify your video podcast episodes and Youtube videos + get more clients, more revenue?

Choose your Perfect plan

Plans accommodate your podcast, video creation schedule.


IDEAL for those who want a "Show Up Daily" social media presence
$/€ 550
per month Price in USD & Euros
  • I'll find you content gems in your podcast, Video episodes and create...
  • 16 TikToks, Shorts, reels
  • 20 Stories
  • 4 Carousels
  • 20 Pinterest Pins
  • 2 Blog posts
  • Monthly Content Strategy


PERFECT For Weekly Podcasters, Video Creators Who Need A Consistent "Everyday Frequent" Online Presence & Engagement
$/€ 1200
Per Month Price In USD & Euros
  • I'll Find Your content Gems in your podcast, video episodes and create ...
  • 30 TikToks, Shorts, Reels
  • 60 Stories
  • 8 Carousels with Captions
  • 30 Pinterest Pins
  • 4 Blog posts
  • Weekly Email Sequence
  • Podcast, Video Show Notes
  • Scheduling & Publishing Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Monthly Content Strategy

Guide me

BEST for those who Are repurposing their Podcasts, Videos but want a consistent professional Review
$/€ 850
for 4 weeks Per Month Price In USD & Euros
  • Includes 4 weekly 60 - 90 min discussion
  • Monday to Friday Voxer support 9 am - 8 pm CEST
  • This means that during the 4 weeks of working together, you'll run every piece of content created by me. so that you master content creation.
  • I'll be there to guide you through every step of the way.
  • During the 4 sessions, we'll also explore another aspect of your strategy, such as content pillars, engagement, reels, carousels, stories, selling, captions, CTAs etc. And we'll reinforce all this new knowledge between sessions (via voxer).
Money Back Guarantee

Invest, and Publish

You’re backed by my 100% money-back guarantee. 

Those of you who are on the fence because maybe you’ve never repurposed your podcasts or videos. 

Or you may have been burned by unreliable virtual assistants. 

Or maybe you just want to stop doing it yourself. 

I want to give you every opportunity to be thrilled and pleased with my content work which will be 100% your brand essence and will connect with your audience. 

That’s why I am offering you unlimited reviews of the content before completion, and if you’re still not happy with the first week’s work provided, I will happily refund 100% of your investment.

When you succeed,
I succeed.

Podcast Video Repurposing Service

Still undecided?

Check out a few examples of content creation extracted from my clients podcast, video episodes.